TheG Story...

TheG Story...

Where and how it was born

The very idea of TheG was born in my head more than 4 years ago. If I remember the beginnings well, they date back somewhere in 2014. As a young student of economics and management, I did not pay so much attention to fashion, but for a long time I perceived a new cut of the T-shirt. I did not know exactly what style it was after a long Internet spend I found the term "oversized". Google has helped me find more and more detailed designs of simple T-shirts that I liked very much. I started to look for it in our country, but I could not find anything similar. All were foreign websites,, and many other oversized fashion brands. This gave me the idea of inventing a few designs of similar T-shirts with simple shapes and cuts.

Focusing attention

I paid the most attention to the quality of the material I wanted to have at the highest level. T-shirts with similar intent have been a lot for that time, but I knew that half of them were not as good as I want. And that was and still is the biggest benefit, which is hidden under the brand TheG Clothing.

What it cost before launching

Making simple designs is just a grain in the sand. What it was all about before the sale was launched... Finding suppliers for fabrics, which was initially a little unknown to me, because I did not know what material, what composition and I had only an idea written on paper. It took a few months and about a million emails to be sent. But as you may know or suspect, I have never received replies to emails. E-mail communication did not work and so I drew attention to footage shops in our area.

First experience

The first fabric I found and I admit I have no idea what the material was, but I think it was 100% cotton, which is probably the worst that can be. But at that time I didn't know as much as I know today, so I was an easy target for traders. I bought my first meter (costing about 10 € per meter) thinking that what is expensive must automatically be good and of good quality. The opposite was true!

Who will sew it?

The material would be but what to do with it if no one sew it. Since I could not sew, none of my loved ones had to look for a capable and clever tailor. There were not many advertisements because the industry is no longer paying much attention, so I had to try to reach out to just a few that I found. There were about 10 of them I found, so I started addressing them with the hope of looking at my suggestions. Half dropped out immediately because they were accustomed to the classic one-needle classics that suited them because they didn't have to generate extra energy. Of the remaining 5, 2 remained and I worked on 2 needle machines that were needed to realize my ideas.

When everything fits together

The first samples saw the light of the world, and I suppose they did not look nearly as good as they were on paper. I had to look further and again decided to go the Internet and find suitable suppliers there. I found some from the Czech Republic and in the corner of my soul I prayed that they had a business partner in Slovakia. Thankfully we had arranged a meeting and showed me substances that looked better than the ones I found in our stores!
As another blow came to me a tailor, which was arranged by my friend, who has been engaged in fashion for a long time. I went to her and understood my idea of ​​what I wanted and it works better when someone who understands you also appreciates you and does not fill you with negative energy, which in most cases discourages you from your idea. We sat the first collection together and in a few days she was born.

Forming TheG name

Around 2015, I gave the brand a final look called TheGentlemens, which over the years has formed into its present form. TheGentlemens because I wanted to leave a piece of gentleman style in my designs, because the designs were really simple, clean and easy to combine with other items of clothing. As I mentioned, I wanted to differentiate myself from other designers and designers in terms of cut and quality, and that is exactly what I built the pillars of the brand on.

Open to the domestic market

The year 2018 brought a definite change and my focus on the domestic market. I resisted, thinking that the Slovak market is not ready to spend so much money on clothes. I still think otherwise :) But as the brand grows, I have added a few people aboard TheG clothing and we have created together a tasting of our quality in the form of a campaign where you get a lifetime warranty on all products. And since we have been working for a few years, we know that our products are better than 80% of your wardrobe. First of all we get the most praise for T-shirts, which by their cut and material get absolutely everyone. That's why we added an option to this campaign in February where you can get one of these t-shirts for free.
Because one is never enough!

We have been learning trial and error all our lives. In my case it was no different. Before I started the website I tried different fabrics, cuts and even combinations of colors but everything always ended in a fiasco :) I was always excited by the inner enthusiasm, but when I realized the result, the enthusiasm fell. As I mentioned, for example, a combination where we made a T-shirt on behalf of cotton 100%, which I already know that after 3 wearing it completely deforms and nothing will help him. So this combination did not happen the happiest. I could continue with stories of bad combinations, but I'm not going to bother you for the moment. The important thing is that after years of testing, I have found a way to choose the right material that I can always adapt to the cut.

We are currently working with 94-95% viscose and 4-5% elastane, which for many of you may sound like I switched the keyboard to another language, but it is not. This is the ratio of substances we use to make TheG T-shirts. Viscose is very pleasant to the touch, it feels soft to the touch, and thanks to elastane (a man-made fiber that now belongs to every ingredient) it perfectly blends in with every character. Another advantage is that it is coolant, which is ideal for summer and does not pellet unlike other materials. Each viscose has different types of grammage. We use a medium chest that means its weight is around 240-250g / m (reference to T-shirts) + maybe (explain elastane and viscose and why this)

The substance alone is not enough.

Everything would be useless if we do not have skilful tailors who can put our designs into their final form. They can take a piece of cloth, connect it together with our thoughts, and use their golden hands to make dreams come true. Because the substance alone is not enough. It's like giving birth. Also, the baby is not born just that I feel good and the weather is beautiful. There is much more to it.

For example, such a shirt. It is not only the choice of fabric, it is also finding the right supplements for every single product (threads, twill, laces, zippers, ...) up to the end of the sewing, which sometimes takes a month or two.
The designs change to the first samples, the samples come to try the models and if something does not fit the process is repeated. Thanks to the golden hands and their long experience, this process does not have to be repeated many times. It almost always hits my imagination and then we only capture details such as whether to bend the sleeve 3cm or 4cm. That's why I like to use the #TheGClothing #IAmTheG

We are not just people

Machines are also helping us. I can mention, for example, the embroidery of the logo provided by our partner company, which will satisfy us whenever we need logos with express delivery in small as well as large quantities. They work with the most modern and high quality machines you can find on the market. Therefore, even the smallest detail will not fit your eye. It is no problem for her to embroider anything. We also cooperate with a company for the production of labels for material treatment, which must be placed on every single product. Otherwise, such a foul is penalized by not a small amount.


In addition to high-quality viscose products and fast support, either via livechat or by mail, our express service is another express benefit within 24 hours. In rare cases, there may be cases where the transport takes longer but is not more than 48 hours. I always hated when I ordered something and the transport lasted endless 5 or even 7 days. That is why we have found a way out of the crowd by express transport and you can enjoy our products the next day.


I personally made designs primarily for myself. I was tired of buying new and new T-shirts just because they had run out or lost color after a few washes. I like simple cuts, shapes, colors that are in some way interesting and do not lose their magic so I can wear them next season and the next one. I was so excited by the idea that I wanted to put it among you to make your life easier. An inherent part is the quality that comes first and only thanks to it acknowledge that buying a T-shirt every month just because it has become or lost color is not very economical. Every day is a new day for us too, so we are already looking forward to the news we are preparing and we will be able to share with you gradually.

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