Collection: CARDIGAN SET

In TheG, customer requests are always the first and so will it now. That's why we've decided to include Kardigan SETS in our offer, where you can put in one package of men's and women's cardigan + KIDS cardigan as a GIFTCardigan isn't only a great gift for you, but it's also an ideal solution to this crazy weather. Thanks to the comfortable soft material made of cotton and polyester your body will stay warm all the time and the wind will not easily open with the belt. Every single color of the cardigan is carefully selected and easily combined with other earthy colors. It is ideal for regular urban wear if you want to be different from others so Cardigan from TheG is the right choice. You can also read about our products on our blog. Designed and made in Slovakia.

In the order note, please indicate what size you are interested in and what type of cardigan you are interested in or version 1.0 or 2.0 If you are interested in another color combination, please write to